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by stopuber in Stopuber

Brand new site ! We here to inform the public of Uber’s questionable business practices and help drivers get a fair shake!       [Read More]


Uber Vs. Taxi

Driver’s pay

Driver's Pay

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Uber does all of the following

UBER, GUILTY OF: False advertising, Fraud, manipulation & spin Anti-competitive behavior, Tax evasion and/or avoidance. Misleading and deceptive conduct. Enabling, encouraging, supporting and rewarding illegal activity. Making high numbers of fake bookings to cripple competition and waste drivers' time. Price-surging greed and price-gouging, including profiteering from natural disasters. Pushing every boundary as far as they can. Operating whole networks of vehicles with inadequate or no valid insurance. Refusal to accept responsibility for many wrong doings or empathy for those they have caused substantial hardship or suffering. Lowering rates so drivers can't possibly make a decent living!

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