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Again! Another Uber X driver charged with sexually assaulting customer

When will this end? Your background checks are for the birds!

Adnan Nafasat, 46, picked up a young man and told his fare to sit up front with him. He warned the customer of a broken and unkempt back seat for the reason for the young man to sit up front with him during there trip across town.

Nafasat was hardly being a gentleman, Cook County prosecutors said.

The married father of three used the ruse of a dirty back seat so he could get the passenger close to him in order to sexually attack the man and choke him until he nearly blacked out, authorities said.

Nafasat, 46, is the second Uber X driver in the Chicago area within roughly two weeks to be charged with sexually assaulting a patron of the popular ride-hailing company.

Shortly before the New Year, Maxime Fohounhedo appeared at the Leighton Criminal Courthouse on charges of raping an inebriated customer in his Albany Park apartment on Nov. 16.

Nafasat, like Fohounhedo, was immediately removed as an Uber driver once the company learned authorities were investigating him, Uber spokeswoman Jennifer Mullin said.

“Our thoughts are with the victim of this horrible incident. We immediately removed the driver from our platform upon learning of the allegations and have been assisting authorities with the investigation,” Mullin said in a statement on Wednesday.

Asked about the second attack by an Uber driver — and whether the city’s rideshare ordinance needs to be tougher — a spokeswoman for Mayor Rahm Emanuel responded:

“Public safety is a primary concern and we do not and will not tolerate unsafe drivers for any service that operates in Chicago,” Elizabeth Langsdorf wrote in an emailed statement. “The city expects rideshare companies to be diligent in screening their drivers. Our regulatory plan, approved by the City Council, includes background checks, training and vehicle inspections that work to ensure public safety and protect both business and consumers.

During the car rider, Nafasat touched his 21-year-old passenger’s groin and put his tongue and fingers in his mouth, Assistant State’s Attorney Jennifer Cooper said.

The man, who had asked to be picked up near the 700 block of West Cornelia Avenue, repeatedly asked to be taken home.

But Nafasat told the man that he was not going home and that nobody knew where he was, Cooper said.

When the car was stopped in traffic, Nafasat — who is 5 feet 10 and 240 pounds — started choking the victim, who is 5 feet 8 and 110 pounds, Cooper said.

The man, who almost became unconscious, tried to get out of Nafasat’s car, but Nafasat was driving too fast and continued driving south into a neighborhood the victim didn’t recognize, Cooper said.

Eventually, Nafasat curbed his car, unzipped his pants and allegedly tried to force the younger man’s head onto his penis.

The victim pushed away from Nafasat and begged again to be taken home, Cooper said.

The victim also positively identified Nafasat in a photo array, Cooper said.

Nafasat, of Villa Park, admitted that he groped the male customer and had exposed himself, prosecutors said.

Nafasat, a native of Pakistan, runs his own business and drove for Uber to supplement his income, said Carey Crimmins, his attorney.

Judge James Brown ordered Nafasat held in lieu of $150,000 bail Wednesday on charges of criminal sexual assault, unlawful restraint and kidnapping.

Prosecutors asked the judge to keep Nafasat from working for Uber or any other business that involves driving others for a fee.

Again be very careful with these unregulated gypsy cabs especially now with the price cuts. They just seem to be hiring anyone at these ridiculous low pay.

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  1. Freaking disgusting filthy pig! What was he thinking?

  2. If Uber cared one bit about the safety of their customers. They would immediately demand ALL DRIVERS to report to their local Sheriff Dept, get finger printed and get correctly background check.. WITH A DRUG TEST.
    Will never happen why?
    Simply… Uber diesn’t care how many customers are sexually assualted or raped… as long as they continue to make money.

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