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Who makes more Uberx driver’s or Pizza delivery people?

Back in May, Uber released data showing at least half of its New York City UberX drivers earn more than $90,000 a year. In San Francisco, Uber claims its UberX drivers can earn up to $70,000 a year

Sounds almost to good to be true! I suggest everyone go tell the man to go stick it and go to work for themselves. Freedom to work where,when and how long surely seems appealing to the masses.

But before we start quitting are jobs just yet, lets look a little deeper..

With UberX, essentially anyone with a car can sign up to be a driver. Just be 21 and over have access to an insured vehicle and pass a background check. Once you pass these initial tests it’s on to your online training course. Once you complete the course, Uber will send you a phone and it’s off to the races you go. But how much will you realistically make?

This is actually very hard to figure out, so many variables come into play plus after reading the fine print on Uber’s terms and policies I’m at a total loss. I think the driver’s like to drive during holidays and ‘peak hours so there is an additional ‘surge rates’ which could be 2-6x’s more. Uber also charges a 20% cut or ‘rider fee’ towards the driver’s fare or should I say rideshare people because technically they aren’t fares. Remember Uber is a technology company and is not in the Taxi business. Anyway back to how much can you make pimping out your ride to rideshare people.

There are debates on how much depending on who you ask. Some sources I’ve read say a full time ( I’m assuming 40hr work week but with Uber it could be a lot more) is probably around 30 to 35K per year. I’m not sure if that includes taxes,gas,insurance,tolls,wear and tear,etc. I read somewhere recently that if you broke down all expenses involved it comes out to $4.54 per hour, far bellow minimum wage. Like everything else about this company it’s a grey area. At least when I was delivering pizzas back in the late 80’s, I knew my route and was bringing home around $10 per hour on busy weekends with tips. Which brings up another issue for another day….Uber and tips…

One thing is for certain…maybe the drivers don’t make the money but it sure looks like UBER does.

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  1. I work between 16-20 hours on the weekends and net around 350 in the SF area.

    • When you say “net” what does that mean? Have taken all your expenses out including Gas, wear and tear on the vehicle, state tax, federal tax. Etc etc etc..
      I can only assume you are operating under a business license. That they have been paid. Let’s not forget letting your personal insurance to know that you are using your vehicle for commercial purposes and you have paid the additional insurance amount..
      Or that most states require special license plates for ALL commercial vehicles that you have applied for that and paid the additional vehicle registration fees..
      Umm Net… Don’t think so.

  2. As a full time job, it’s a loser. Anyone with half a brain can see that, luckily for Uber there’s a lot of people who have a car and don’t have half a brain… But as a part time job, assuming you work the right hours, in the right city, you can make some spending money. Uberx drivers are bottom feeders black is where the money is!

  3. I tried to use Uber but the driver never showed up, and I had to call a cab which resulted in my being late to my destination. I was also billed by Uber for this ride which I never tool. Uber does not offer any phone or other live support, and it took eight hours for them to respond to my message and acknowledge my no-show driver.

    Trying to use Uber was a frustrating waste of time, but fortunately I have plenty of alternatives and one won ‘t Uber again.

    • That’s a funny story. I had the opposite experience which convinced me to use Uber over taxis from then on. I waited for a taxi for 30 minutes in SF once after I called the dispatch service. I kept calling back and they kept saying the driver was on the way. I was texting my friend and he kept telling me to use Uber because taxis in SF aren’t required to pick you up and I wasn’t in that great of an area (Not the best place to spend 30 minutes with an expensive phone).

      After it was apparent that the Taxi wasn’t going to show up I downloaded the app and in about 3 minutes I had an active account. Then 5 minutes later I had an Uber driver pick me up and had a better ride than I’d ever had with a taxi driver.

      Also one time I had an Uber driver pick me up at the parking garage of an airport, but he went to the arrivals area where he wasn’t allowed to go and got a ticket from the police. I was charged $4 for the ride, but all I had to do was write a response to the receipt email saying that I never took the ride and they canceled the payment the same day. It took about 10 minutes to get a ride that day even with all the chaos.

      • There was your mistake..l your called dispatch…
        Call the driver directly.. A driver that knows you and will be at your beckon call. Much easier dr ver also appreciate the regular and repeat customer

  4. Just got one of their invitation to use one of their coupon. The invitation ends with “don’t sweat the fare”, which really pisses me off.

    What kind of business would even suggest that its customer has to sweat the fare? Seriously hope that once the media stops idolizing them, a better company will wipe them out.

    • I think the saying, “Don’t sweat the fare”, is referring how the taxi companies and drivers make you feel bad for using credit cards so you need to make sure to have cash before getting a ride. Also the taxi drivers always try to make you feel like your tip wasn’t enough even though I always tipped +15%.

      Now with Uber my tip is a 5 star rating that I give after the driver has left. This keeps the driver from extorting a tip from their customers. I’ve always thought that companies should pay their employees and not require their employees to beg for tips.

      I do feel bad for the taxi drivers, but now they have an option to work for themselves using Uber.

  5. The good thing about Uber is that it filters out bad drivers with its rating system. The taxis companies can keep the bad, aggressive, and rude drivers.

    • No they do not.. That is not true.. Most cab drivers are issued a city permit to operate which can be taken at any time..
      Your old outdated stereotypes of the cab industry are just wrong..
      But also, I understand that drivers also have a rating system for the passenger to weed “undesirable” that practice is purely discrimination and illegal.

  6. Mike is right a 5 star rating doesn’t put food on the table but cash does. Uber makes out like a bandit for doing squat.

  7. Uber. Just another minimum wage Wallmart-like enslavement system, with an app. That’s all, folks.

  8. Apparently Travis is taking the mental retarders with some degree of authism driving for hin for a long ride
    The next link is part of the story since most of the real information is banned, deleted, blocked ect

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