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New Rates in N.J. go into effect


Uber’s goal is to ensure strong driver earnings while offering the best value to riders.

This summer, Uber paid for a rider price discount to boost demand. What we saw was clear: As a result of the price reduction, more riders are taking more trips than ever before.

We want to ensure drivers can benefit from this increased demand over the long run. As a result, a 10% uberX price cut will go into effect for both riders and drivers today, September 2nd.

All the evidence we’ve seen in New Jersey and around the country is clear: lower prices increase demand, allowing drivers to complete more trips and maintaining driver earnings.


Even though you may make a little less on each fare, you will complete more trips overall, and end up making as much or more than before.


Maintaining low prices will keep demand high into the fall, and help you do more trips and earn more money during this time.
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Just like we have seen in other cities over the past few years, we expect HUGE demand growth after Labor Day.
Demand this fall will be bigger than ever

Every year after Labor Day, riders come back from summer vacations and drivers are busier. Because of all the new riders who signed up with Uber this summer, we expect this fall to the biggest we’ve ever seen.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us directly at

Uber NJ

No thank you for lowering the driver’s pay!

But seriously.. check out how low these Uber fares are nowadays. Back when I first started driving it was worth it. Now is it? I think not! Uber Fare Estimator courtesy of

If you can look at me with a straight face and tell me that driving is worth it, then you’re out of your mind!

9 Comments on New Rates in N.J. go into effect

  1. What are they talking about! More work,more trips at a reduced rate = less pay not more. It’s less by more not more by less. I have to do 8 trips to make what I use to doing 5 trips. They must really think we’re that stupid ;(

  2. Cut my income // September 3, 2014 at 3:14 pm // Reply

    How’s the best way to get back at uber? To be a worst uber driver. WE ARE UBER, and HQ doesn’t seem to realize that! Prices cuts and now brining black drivers to UberX.. Us X Drivers don’t really have a solid future with Uber. Be an awesome driver for LYFT instead. That’s what you get for slashing my hard earned income!

  3. At this rate you’ll be paying Uber to drive for them. Oh wait you can’t work for tips, I almost forgot so carry on and make those pennies!

  4. Michael Tubbs // September 4, 2014 at 12:12 pm // Reply

    They must really hate the taxi industry to undercut their fares like this. Not hurting their bottom line but their drivers income. But I guess if one driver quits there are 5 that will take their place.

  5. Seth (uber driver) overcharged me for a short distance from North lake shore drive to north halsted street – $53 !!!

    Driver did not complete the payment request after dropping me at the destination due to which the meter of his taxi was still on! My uber app did not show any receipt until much later when I cancelled the app, which was stuck on my phone.

    Uber has disappointed me a lot of times.
    Overcharging, canceling my requests!

    Never using it again!

  6. Broke driver // October 21, 2014 at 8:49 am // Reply

    Ridiculous rates, less than monimum wage. Spit all the lies you want about ridership being up, there are only so many minutes in an hour and therefore the number of rides per hour are limited.

  7. Misclassification Opponent // January 16, 2015 at 1:24 am // Reply

    If you’re going to talk about rates less than minimum wage (and you should), don’t paint Lyft as a good guy. They’re only good if you’re grading on a curve. All the S.H.I.T.S. are misclassifying employees as independent contractors. That’s the linchpin of why there would be a rate less than minimum wage. Talk about the misclassification! Please!

  8. Another bizarre, randomly, unexplicable deactivation of one more menral retarder driving for travis cartel

    HA! Got a surprise deactivation and no response from Uber until a CSR says my background check is pending. Then I get a response from Joy who is part of the “Incident” team. Joy says sges going to getvto the bottom of this. That was yesterday so heres my response to Joy today:

    Hi Joy,
    Still no response. Yeah enough is enough. I’ll just assume it’s because I’m a disgruntled driver that delivers exceptional service in spite of my discontent. This is the sort of thing that really makes for a good human interest story and a very good case for re classifying drivers as employees. I have 100% delivered my end of the bargain and Uber has deactivated me because I use my voice. I’ll be sharing this with the NM PRC, and the Senators with whom I have been in regular communication. Deactivating me only serves to prove my point : Uber does not provide jobs. At best Uber offers an unstable income with no ability for the “partner” to control costs of doing business or to know when they will be deactivated in spite of delivering “above and beyond” service ( text I received from Uber a week or so ago). My response to this was “then why have you cut my pay?” Its insulting that Uber actually thinks appealing to my ego will fix everything. Uber does not provide any measure of security on any level: deactivation, pay, insurance or safety. My frustration and feedback is 100% motivated by canned answers and spin from Uber. You have begged drivers to support your success in New Mexico without ever showing them the bill on the table. You have offended the wrong person. I am the daughter of the woman who organized Minnesota Public School Workers in the 70 ‘ s and established pay equity. Shes disgusted by Ubers tactics. You can’t dumb me down and Ill gladly martyr myself if it means I’ll bring positive change for drivers. Uber managers are far more concerned with their egos than they are with establishing loyalty from drivers. We are not commodities. Ubers effort to dehumanize us and use us as pawns in your war with Lyft is far more offensive than anything I may have to say to or about an Uber Manager or your CEO.
    Uber Off I Guess.

    • Status
      No no no no
      You are misunderstanding something here; this is a new concept introduced by travis cartel; like any new disrupting technology they have new status and new words for instance we are part employees and part independent contractors; we got this flexibility; when travis cartel need us as employees we are employees; when travis cartel need us as independent contractors we are independent contractors
      This is anew concept call hybrid contract status intruduced by travis cartel

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