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Uber drivers angry over lower rates

Uber slashes prices in 48 cities and has the Cojones to tell their partners they’ll make even more money! That’s why I love this company. Rates are down anywhere from 20-70% less then they were just 2 short years ago and at this stage we don’t see anyone making money except Uber itself. Uber wants to add another million drivers to the mix to boot, how are they going to make a decent living?

Uber customers are welcoming lower ride rates with open arms, but the company’s drivers say they are starting to feel the pinch.

The ride-sharing company has continued to lower prices for the past year, which has been difficult for drivers, who say his once solid source of income has been slashed in half.

“Now, I have to double my hours to make what I was making before the cuts,” Uber driver’s say.

This past weekend UberX cut their rates again, making a trip 40% cheaper than before. Prior to the promotion Uber’s base rate was $2.00, plus $1.25 per mile and $0.20 per minute. In some markets it’s as low as .75 per mile and .15 per minute!

“Uber says it was only supposed to be a temporary cut, and it’s never gone back up never,” Winter cuts,spring,summer and fall all seasons are reason enough to slash rates to ‘drum up more business’.

Uber spokesmen across the country give the standard Uber issued response “What we’ve seen when you lower fares is it actually increases their number of trips. And it increases the demand for riders, and in turn it increases earnings for drivers,” Really? The rate cuts actually make the drivers more money? In what world do we live in?

The real reason for the cuts…eliminate the yellow taxi and  stave off competition from rivals Lyft and Sidecar, which have managed to grab some of the market for low-cost rides by deploying armies of regular car owners who want to make a few bucks sharing a ride.

Chief Executive Travis Kalanick said ‘UberX now has the lowest prices of all ride-sharing apps.’

Uber, we get it! You want to become the app ride-sharing monopoly and own the transportation industry across the globe. But to do this off the hard-working partners I mean drivers is inappropriate,ludicrous,absurd and unintelligible.  

Greed will ultimately be this company’s downfall. Just a matter of time folks!

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  1. Well what are the driver’s options at this point? Work at McDonald’s or 7-11 or drive? You definitely don’t need higher education to drive Miss Daisy around.

    • You don’t need higher education to drive or be a driver, but don’t forget that our US economy is still a mess. Their are a lot of drivers who has bachelor degree. For some of them this is the way to feed their famillies until they find something better. Or maybe they should drive passengers for free. 🙁

  2. Duracell's last longer // January 16, 2015 at 9:48 am // Reply

    I went from making good to deficient to poverty wages in one year! Thanks fu#King Uber

  3. Do the drivers really make like 80-100K in some markets? My friend told me she read that somewhere.

  4. Impossible to make more money with lowef rates. Each ride would be the same distance as it would have been at the higher rate. So you HOPE you get more rides but that means more expenses. Expenses have not dropped. Uber also still charges 20% maybe the should drop that. Maybe they should include a way to tip uberx drivers via the app.

  5. After travis new fare prices
    We the drivers can not quit
    We cant give up
    We can not be too shabby or selfish
    We started this crab; now we got continuing supporting travis and the pseudo riders scum, now
    Whats going to happen with them?accostumed to pay nanopeanuts for taxi we can not let them down
    This poor disgusted pseudo riders are not willing to ride anymore on the stinky taxis
    Also with this new rates homeless and walfare recipients would be able to have a decent transpirtation
    Travis will be very proud of us for help him to depreciate the taxi industry now “new rates” by a 80% and make believe all this cheap, frugal, arrogant, indecent, cinics, disgusted, shameless, classless pseudo riders that we are a bounch of mental retarders doing this just for fun or the pleasure to meet such scum
    Keep doing like that ill like to see how you end up in the bext comming days dealing with the stress and the pressure of know that some scum people is rating you despite the nanopeanuts they are paying you comparing with the disgusted stinky cabs
    So please erase that stupid idea of quit from your head
    Travis at this point is very pleased
    And dont forget; he loves you

    By the way
    The forum is a joke they dont allow the freedom of speach at all
    Running by travis And his crew
    They only want to read beautiful lies but not real issues
    As soon you said something real as soon you are banned

    • You’re a twit. All UberPeople.Net does is trash Travis and Uber – well 90% of posts anyway. If you think they are supporting Uber you need to log in again and re-read the posts.

  6. I drove for Uber for Close To 2 Months…found out it wasn’t worth the money, your results may vary. Now their slashing prices and can’t see how this is good for their current drivers.

  7. i wish Travis and UBER nothing but the worst. Total scumbag.

  8. What’s the problem? I drive for Uber and cleared 675$ are 45 hrs of driving around! Great money I just hope Uber doesn’t cut rates again.

    • Oh they will garunteed.. What’s it feel like not being in control of your own business?

    • John Fragoulias // February 4, 2015 at 10:43 am // Reply

      So you made $675 driving around for 45 hours, that means after all your expenses and Uber fees you made $7.50 an hour if that, and in the process depreciating “you know what that word means, it means losing value” your car at an astronomical pace. Looks like uber has found all these geniuses driving for them, uber says Thank you to the math and business deficient people out there.

  9. Uber = slavery . uber broke all transportation laws . uber still hire more drivers , they want driver per each 100 people . if there is justice in this country , uber and his CEO should be in jail now . because of uber many people loose too much money . stop selling fake dream for poor people . if the drivers know a little math , they will not be drivers . the worst part with this company that there is no f*** tips …free yourself

  10. Misclassification Opponent // January 19, 2015 at 12:46 am // Reply

    I disagree with this portion: “The real reason for the cuts … eliminate the yellow taxi and stave off competition from rivals Lyft and Sidecar, which have managed to grab some of the market for low-cost rides by deploying armies of regular car owners who want to make a few bucks sharing a ride.” By concentrating on Uber, you’re giving Lyft and Sidecar a pass because they’re outside of what your blog is about. They’re also misclassifying employees as independent contractors. They’re also engaging in insurance fraud. Fight all three! Fight Taskrabbit! Fight Handy! Otherwise we still get a race to the bottom. The “make a few bucks” story is total nonsense. Please consider that by soaking up most of the spotlight with their obnoxiousness, Lyft and Sidecar can sneak in. The entire business model of the sharing economy startups is a race to the bottom that would not be possible without fraud – don’t treat some of them as the new normal in the course of criticizing the others – please. The race to the bottom hurts everyone, even if they don’t work in this industry and are just a pedestrian in a crosswalk.

    • Since Uber does not control your time, you are a free agent, i.e., an independent contractor. You are free to work for both Uber and Lyft, as I do. What is to be gained by being an employee? It changes the whole dynamic of why it works.

      • And sudden in the morning you get an unexpected enail from travis infirming that your driver account gad been deactivated and all your enthusiasm end up in the toilet

    • But we are helping travis cartel to increase his fortune every nanosecond
      And we are helping travis cartel to depressiate the taxi industry by 80%”with last travis cartel fares”
      And we are helping travis cartel to turn the pseudoriders more and more cheap, frugal, arrogant, rough, cinics, disgusted, classless, shameless, demanding a lot more for a lot less
      So, he should be proud of the nice job we are performing with our little and irrelevants sacrifices

  11. I drove a yellow cab in Manhattan after I graduated high school many years ago. While I think the idea for a ride sharing app. is creative, the only one really getting rich is the CEO of Uber. If he really is making all of this money why isn’t he “sharing” with his drivers/partners in the form of bonuses, etc? I don’t think he went about it the right way in respect to people who have already invested in taxi’s all over the world. Sure, people want cheap transportation and some of us are desperate enough to fulfill that need using our own cars. But at what point do you draw the line? How much is your time and investment worth? And if this CEO of Uber is a greedy bastard, do you want to represent him by drivng for Uber?

  12. We can fight back. Turn your uber app on only when the surge prices are on. Otherwise switch it back off. Without the large amount of cars available, it will be surge pricing. This way we will work less and make more money.

    • I began driving shortly after the new year and am assessing the pros and cons, many of which expressed by drivers on both sides of the debate.

      Conceptually, I agree with the Uber business model but it’s certainly slanted in Uber’s favor as they’re profiting at the expense of drivers looking to make ends meet in a struggling economy.

      A solid business model extends beyond brand and market share. Riders (customers) appreciate the personalized service synonymous with a professional livery service but only at a fraction of the cost.

      Although drivers are independent contractors, we are the face of Uber. Like any employee or contractor, equitable pay is eccential to engagement and loyalty. At the point that the two start deteriorating, Uber’s business model will implode and a competitor will emerge by capitalizing on Uber’s failed strategy.

      So, you’re probably asking what side of the debate am I on? I’m in the center, but very close to a decision.

      Stay tuned….

  13. But given how poorly Uber and Lyft pay, particularly relative to the immense investment drivers have to make (the have to pay for literally everything, including the water and snacks these companies tell their riders to expect – extras that almost no riders even bother to tip for), if surge and peak pricing is eliminated and the base fares aren’t raised drivers will continue to leave in ever growing numbers.

    The turnover rate on drivers is 50-65% and climbing. At this rate these companies and the service will implode completely.

    The cheapness and selfishness of these companies and the consumers utilizing them is out of hand. It’s also going to kill this industry and leave everyone with what they were so happy to have an alternative to: cabs.

    American consumers continually prove that no matter how little they have to pay for something they’ll still bitch about having to pay at all.

    When everything is free we will all be slaves.

  14. When you consider that RideShare created 160,000 plus jobs thatthey now are reducing to poverty, they need to be angry. for Drivers and Riders

  15. Please explain where your information regarding turnover rates comes from. I’m sure that’s closely guarded knowledge.
    What you seem to overlook is that it’s not Uber or Lyft’s responsibility to cover our expenses, or our “investment”. This is an opportunity for you to make some decent money using something you already own.
    The model may not work well for you , but it works for me. Also, I am actually making more money here in ATL since the price reduction because of the hourly guarantees.

  16. I drove for UBER for a week. Could not believe how low they charge. Hence I made no money. I am busting my ass and ruining my car for $1.00 per mile. What a joke? Do not drive for UBER. BTW, no tips either. Better off working at a gas station.

  17. Shahanra begum // April 18, 2015 at 2:19 am // Reply

    Uber is sucks for driver good for riders$.75 per miles

  18. Uber tells riders tips is not required. This is really sucks.

  19. We’ll one of my friend work for uber his not happy Evan none of uber driver happy he was telling me they r cheating with driver they showing on app price surge it’s red part as soon u go red zone where price surge it’s come to regular price they setup like that if they keep price that low trust me they will have no driver company will close sorry for my friend and uber driver

  20. If you drive for UBER for a week and then continue to drive after that, you are not stupid, your are retarded. I decided not to join that category. As other people have pointed out, the rates they charge are so low, you are better off working for mininumum wage. Boycott this GREEDY Company. They are no good.

  21. Robert Allan // June 14, 2015 at 7:43 pm // Reply

    Anyone who continues to drive for UBER is retarded. It is a total waste of time and effort. You make 0.75 cents a mile and then any little money you make you will end up fixing on repairing your vehicle. This is yet another evil company who is exploiting simple minded people. I stopped driving after two weeks. It is shocking that not only the little money they provide you, they have the audacity to warn you if you do not take far away runs they will suspend you I told them go ahead.. Stop UBER. Spread the word. Thanks.

  22. I’m I the DMV area and it’s sad how Uber paid out guarantees of 27-33/hr and in merely 3 months it’s 9-20/hr. They advertise now for 20/hr.

    The rating system sucks because you can’t judge a person for a ten minute ride! I keep water, a clean truck, listen to people stories or not, know the city(s) and keep the air on. However my ratings are low. I mainly have white riders (no offense) and they rate you low because they can.

    Nothing is as it seems when that U is in my window.

  23. A fraudulent ceo breaking all the rules paying no tax, and a peasant work force who don’t know where they are going. Be sure be safe always use a licenced TAXI !!!!!!!!!!

  24. Travis keep taking the mental retarders with some degree of authism driving for him; for a long long ride and it looks they like it lmaoÜber-locked-my-gas-card.30606/

  25. Welll welll welll another case in which a mental retarder with spme degree of authism is deactivated with not apparent reason. This is the secure job this retarders have driving for travis no warnings, not explanations, not excuses nothing just booooom. The mental retarders with some degree of authism driving for travis are a item completaly disposable and replasable. Just in case they think are iimportant or necessary to travis. Lmao but the more funny part are the explanations and consolations the other nental retarders with some degree of authism are trying to give Lnao

  26. Uber’s rating system is the absolute WORST! Riders can rate you low because most don’t even have the correct pickup info. Then they have the audacity to get irate with you because THEY effed up! Uber really needs to have a feedback option where the customer can state what went wrong and how it can be fixed properly. Perhaps us going to the wrong spot is dependant upon YOUR not knowing how to put the pin down properly. This has happened to me many times and I’ve gotten low ratings because the customer doesn’t even know where they are.

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