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Uber finally admits it’s a taxi service but now what?

Uber is making billions by disrupting traditional business models. They profit by offering cheaper services than existing businesses. Investors have poured large sums of money into them — in Uber’s case, $4 billion(as of today) — even though they disregard the laws and rules in many of the communities they operate. Uber still considers itself a technology company but now falls under the umbrella of the Transportation Network Companies. Until today, Uber has taken the stance that it was a tech company, just an app and should be treated and regulated like a taxi.  But that all changed as the company finally admitted it was in fact a taxi service! Hallelujah! Now they should fall under the same rules and laws of traditional taxi cabs,same cities same rules. No more of this unfair advantage. Uber also admitted that they did not in fact do background check outside of the U.S. not cool. They put people’s lives at risk for injury and worse. Now is the time to regulate them,make Uber drivers apply for  medallion licenses, commercial plates,real background checks, proper insurance,etc. Again Same cities same rules and lets see how they fair or should say fare. But the question is will this happen? Uber raises Billions so it doesn’t happen and hire the best lobbyist in the business so only time will tell.  

Uber has found success around the world because it offers something people want — a cheaper and quicker alternative to local taxi companies. It also allows people who own cars to make money without having to go through lengthy, expensive and restricting permitting procedures. Although taxis are privately owned, they are part of the public transportation system the city has established over many years. It is intended to provide safe and equal transportation services to all people in the city on a 24-hour basis, regardless of where they live, the color of the skin, their sexual orientation, or their physical condition. They also pay taxes,fees,medallions,etc to have the right to operate in the markets they do. Uber just strong arms the markets they want to take over and dares the multiplicity to stop them, a straight out bully mentality. But when you raise over 4 Billion you can play this game but again it benefits the consumer right? not Uber who will make BILLIONS with this approach. Drivers will benefit by watching Uber drop rates once again until these drivers are making pennies but they either don’t care or will be replaced with more drones I mean drivers. Are these drivers brain-dead or are so desperate to take this? It reminds me of the days when I use to take a few bread crumbs and throw them at the pigeons in NYC and watch their reactions, same as Uber drivers. The company has brainwashed I mean trained you well. Keep Making the founders of Uber rich! Uber on……

Uber is not the people’s friend you thin it is. It aims to replace dozens of local monopolies and cartel-like operations with a globalized cartel-like operation. In the process it will create billionaires for a few and not fill the coffers of the cities it’s operating in. Think of all that loss revenue .. the taxi industry helps support the cities,states and counties they operate in. All that money will go in the pockets of just a select few and never reach the places that need it the most.

Never lose sight of that point, the people behind Uber are not philanthropists fighting for a better world, they are hard-headed business people with all that entails.

It might sound off in favor of competition when it suits its purpose, but Uber has a track record of anti-competitive behavior.

If uber is allowed to operate with unlicensed drivers, taxi unions worry about the pool of part-time providers growing so large that any one cabbie — some of whom are still paying off the medallions they bought for the right to have a job — can’t make enough to support a family. Although it might be nice for people with free time to earn some extra cash by driving people around, they’re also taking away business from people who used to drive for a living. If Uber does take over the market share they will also control the price and as we have seen with the numerous price cuts over the last year or so, it would be racing itself to the bottom. Uber controls everything and drivers re powerless and and soon will be penniless.

So Uber is a cab company after all, so regulate it as you would any other cab company. What’s is fair is fare!

Uber on as the slogan goes but don’t say we didn’t warn you.


15 Comments on Uber finally admits it’s a taxi service but now what?

  1. Uber is not a taxi cab it’s an app so people can find each other to share a ride. I use them all the time and only had a problem twice. I love Uber

    • What are you smoking??? you got driver, he drive you from point A to B, at point B you pay money- what is this???

    • Really it’s not a cab? What would you call it then?

    • vince lentini // February 10, 2015 at 1:24 pm // Reply

      That would be true IF THE DRIVERS had a say in what they charge you…..UBER flaunts regulations , changes rates indiscriminantly , drops drivers at a whim etc…..APPS don’t do that……oh plus their CEO is a sociopath with a history of despicable business practices

  2. A better business model

  3. Uber says its not a taxi or cab company…yeah right!

  4. Pissed off cabby made this site

  5. Uber destroying legitimate taxi and limo business by lowering rates to the point where it doesn’t make any financial sense for companies to stay in business. Uber acts exactly like Walmart.

  6. I drove for six months and uber is full of shit!

    • I agree, uber sucks. There needs to be a single taxi app that encompasses all taxi companies like the one washington dc has implemented. But, one that would network with other city’s apps so the customer would only have to have one app on their phone when they go from City to City.

  7. Joshua here in San Diego.. it’s called FLYWHEEL and it is kicking Uber’s lying ass right now.

  8. I you hire a car to take you somewhere…it’s a taxi. I remember in the U.K. they have “off license” driver’s that pick you up instead of the traditional cabbies. There were illegal because they skirted the laws and rules, regulations, and LICENSING fees cabbies paid. I’m sure they are the same ones that are now Uber driver’s. What should we do…..hmmmm…. I’m going to create an app where I loan people money….it’s an app right, not a bank or loan… I will be able to do whatever I want right. I’m sure the feds will be on me like flies on shit.

  9. Uber’s biggest problem is they like to play the semantics game. Which is in itself nothing but lies. Here’s some math to prove the point. The guaranteed wages are $25/hr. What they don’t tell you is it’s GROSS pay not NET. Meaning they take the 20% out of the $25/hr. That makes the actual total you make $20/hr after they take off five which is the %20. Semantics and a lie. Also, they don’t tell you about the safe rider fee at all, not during hire, they tell you it’s 80/20. Nor do they tell you about the phone rental fee (up until recently you had to use their phone to do the job, so no way around that) to use the app with. You find that out about two weeks to a month later. Here’s another point. On a minimum $5 fare. They get two dollars, 20% and the $1. That’s 40% not 20. Another lie. I don’t fully agree with surge, but I think during especially bad weather I should make a bit more (not 9X’s more granted, but something like 1.5X), my car, my risk, or on days like New years, but 9X’s is a bit much as well. Plus, can you say pissing off customers much? As for the last commenter, you’re 64, I assume you’re retired and have a pension (I could be wrong, but I doubt it). This is bonus cash for you, not a living. If I had another job lined up, I’d be doing it, but right now this is all I have. I have to pay my bills, so I get to work 70 hours a week to make the money I need. That’s just squeaking by I might add. Yay for me! Lord forbid my car break down as much damage and mileage I’m putting on it, I’ll be completely screwed should that occur. Anyways, I could rant about a great many things, but I think I’ve made my point. I’ll leave with this. This is a poorly run business. It’s ran with nothing but numbers. There is no real thought to the workers or the customers, just the bottom line.

  10. Uber’s slogan should be “we help you eat your car”. Figure it out. It’s really not funny…

  11. fstfulofdlrs // May 15, 2015 at 3:11 am // Reply

    Only the staunchest critics will always come out to stop change and limit freedom and personal liberty. The best solution would be to lessen or at least restructure the old dinosaur age licensing and fee systems that are already crippling the taxi industry to begin with, way before UBER and LYFT came on the scene. Then the taxis can use that money to upgrade their cabs with the same technology that has made UBER and LYFT successful. Then taxis can compete in the marketplace. So instead of complaining about UBER learn from what they are doing and implement it yourself. Otherwise, in the same way that cell phones made the payphone obsolete, the CD eliminated vinyl records, UBER will make the taxi cab a thing of the past. Why should I wait 30 to 40 min for a cab when I can get a ride in less than 10 min with UBER? There is no comparison. And besides there is a reason it’s called FREE ENTERPRISE!!

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