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Uber to its drivers.. FU to benefits

In a new study just released, Uber drivers in six major U.S. cities would receive paid holidays and health care benefits worth an average of $5,500 a year, plus thousands(up to 28K or more) more in mileage reimbursement, if the company provided them with the same benefits as its full-time employees. Uber would have to reimburse their drivers at the IRS rate, currently at 57.5 cents a mile. To calculate estimated mileage reimbursement which if extrapolated to full year would add up to 38,808 miles. An employee driving those miles would get $22,315 in reimbursement.

Based on what Uber offers employees, drivers might expect:

  • Fully covered health insurance, including dental and vision benefits.
  • Nine paid holidays.
  • Business-driving reimbursement.

But not so fast! Uber says that a staggering  87% of its drivers would like to stay classified as independent contractors! Uber’s own study found that.. a job where you choose your own schedule and be your own boss outweighs the benefits of being an employee with benefits . Uber goes on and says that nearly 14 percent of its 170,000-and-counting U.S. drivers worked at least 35 hours a week and the rest average around 10-12 hours a week. A whopping 50% drive less than 10 hours a week.

Our question to Uber is.. If Uber provided full-time benefits, would that motivate more drivers to become full-time?  But Uber’s response is, if drivers do become employees, we would implement new rules such as, employees would have to “drive set shifts, earn a fixed hourly wage, and lose the ability to drive using other ride-sharing apps as well as the personal flexibility they most value.” Way to go UBER! Never a compromise with this company. As Usual Uber is more stubborn than a mule! But with billions of dollars in funding at its disposal, Uber will do everything it can to hold onto as much of its business model as it can legal or not!  Just another way of saying FU to its drivers……. Uberon drivers!

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  1. Only an inexperienced and low-IQ driver will work for uber.
    Great article!

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